This is a development blog, so it has technical material, oriented to .NET developers and technology enthusiasts. Some posts will require some concrete experience and another ones will be simpler and could be understood by junior developers. However, I will always try to include links and further refference to those who feel more curiosity can keep learning about the concrete topic.

It’s obvious: I’m not a writer. So forgive me if sometimes I make some misspelling (specially in english) or simply if I don’t explain myself clearly enough. I will try to improve with a lot of reading and some external help. And of course I will be attentive to your comments and suggestions.

Before I started to write this blog, I have been working as a developer since 2009, getting a lot of experience in .NET technologies and some in PHP. I have worked in development teams of 20 people and I have worked alone, covering all the software lifecycle: since design until implementation. This has made me learn plenty things about different aspects of my profession, which I pretend to publish in this blogs, with humility, but hoping it can be helpful to someone who have found the same problems or the same questions than me.

No further ado, here you have a link to my Linkedin profile. Thank you for reading this.